When a friend you’ve never even met, dies: Prince (June 7, 1958- April 21, 2016)

Hearing of Prince’s sudden passing on the afternoon April 21st 2016, hit me hard. That’s saying a lot for one who has handled the death of family members with measured stoicism. Below is my response to a response to a Huffington Post article  about why we feel deep loss when someone we never even met passes away.

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Prince: (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)  


I took up playing guitar after I saw Purple Rain–LIFE CHANGING EVENT for me. Not because it was a good movie, or I was already a fan, but because I saw myself in a mysterious dude with faults and sensibilities I shared and who’s first language was music. I connected immediately.

This reply to the Huffington Post article Mourning Prince? Here’s Why Celebrity Deaths Can Feel So Personal mirrors my take on this one-of-a-kind musical and cultural PHEnom.


Being one who tends to be stoic, I think tend to think-ahead to events like this–what it will feel like and how I will react. On another level this feels like when Jim Henson died suddenly–he was my second teacher ever, after Mom, but I literally feel like I lost a big brother and a teacher  and no amount of preparation softens the blow for this kind of unexpected loss.

Just goes to show that we are more than just our physical connections. I Never got closer than thirty yards to this amazing cat, nevertheless, I am deeply affected. I feel like I lost a family member today.


Doterous God


As to human morality, if it could be said that the bible is its gleaning source, are we not at some point, cast-out as sufficiently tutored adolescents free to practice, free of the doting hoverage of a distrustful God-parent?

Are we not, as evidenced in the whole of creatures in our midst, capable of sustaining ourselves, post moral-gestation, even if occasional failure be an inherent ever-present possibility; the sharp tip of the arrow for whose lesson we are to annex into our moral quiver?

To be perpetually reliant upon the guidance of an omnipresent omniscient overbearing overlord is to be apart from the rest of what is natural.

And if we are the so-called higher animal, favorite-sibling of such a doter, does that not still put us at odds with the rest of creation?